A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

20th December 2017

From everyone at Eight8 Property we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

It’s the time of year to spend time with our family, friends and celebrate the festive period. To ensure our tenants get to do so & we’ve listed below a few precautions you should take and a few numbers to call incase anything should happen.

Important Note: Any contractors called out in an emergency will charge a premium rate and if the call out is determined as not an emergency or fault of the Tenant through mis-use could result in the cost being charged directly to the Tenant.

Heating & Plumbing Emergencies:

If your boiler has stopped working and all manual checks have been carried out to try and get the heating or the hot water working again, then please call the number below if you are genuinely concerned with your safety;

PMA – (Please leave a message & you will be called back) (If you live in Hive, 7 or 8 Masshouse Plaza, please first check with with Braemar (the building management who’s number can be found in the lobby by the lift) to first establish wether there is a building issue with the Heating/ Hot water as all the apartments use the same heating/ hot water source)

If you live in Masshouse or Hive & you are having problems with your heating please ensure you have followed the instruction manual that can be accessed by clicking the link below;


Electrical Issues, Plumbing & Heating

PMA – (Please leave a message & you will be called back) 07506156930

Please check your fuse board and any fuses before you contact one of the electricians. Please also check that the problem is within your property only – if the whole street has lost power you will need to contact the main electrical supplier for your area.


Appliance Repair Express – (Please leave a message & you will be called back) 0121 439 2717

Please note that washing machine breakdowns are not considered an emergency as you would be able to either hand wash or go to a launderette. Please check filters on washing machines or tumble dryers if you do experience any problems. If your Fridge is to breakdown please note that if you have contents insurance on your apartment then the food in your fridge that may go “off” you can claim on your insurance.

Lost Keys

Jocks Locks – ( Please leave a message & you will be called back) 07545 526140
If you unfortunately loose your keys or find yourself locked out you will need to call a locksmith and have the locks replaced. A set of new keys will need to be passed along to ourselves. You will need to pay the locksmith directly for this service. You will not be reimbursed.
Our office will close for the Christmas break on the 20th December 2017 at 1.00pm and re-open on the 3rd January 2018 at 10am.


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